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PDX Chooses PEG!

The Preparatory Emergency Groups or PEG radio system is the first professional, wide area radio system for the civil community, groups and organizations.

(Please see communications page-Radio systems)

IMAS Alerts ready!

The Incident Management & Alerts System is ready for use by the Portland community!


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National Weather Service Alerts:
Below is the status of each of radio system that make up PDX Emergency Communications radio communication services.  The status of each system may change from time to time due to a weather emergency, power outages or related incidents.


TRANSMITTER Power source ratings
ORPEG SYSTEM          
St.Johns MS ALPHA/1 PDX EmComm  Grid/S-Battery 65w/120v /220v/12v.X2/50w ACTIVE
St.Johns VHF ALPHA/Local  PDX EmComm Grid/S-Battery 5w/120v/220v/12v.X2/50w INACTIVE
St.Johns UHF ALPHA/Local PDX EmComm  Grid/S-Battery 5w/120v/220v/12v.X2/50w ACTIVE
 ROIP-PATCH     -    
Patch-ZT ALPHA  Public Grid/S-Battery Patched to ORPEG Network ACTIVE 



The two way radio system used by PDX Emergency Communications is a new radio system called the Preparatory Emergency Groups or PEG radio system. This radio system is adaptable to many uses including emergency preparedness, civil groups, general safety, emergency communication organizations, disaster relief agencies and much more.  It's the first professional level radio system that can be made to bridge the gap between government and civil organizations. 


The PEG radio systems were designed out of necessity by Chief Christopher Cunha of the United Civil Emergency Services Agency and owner of US Preparatory starting as far back as 1997 with recent developments to the licensing programs, hardware and core technologies in 2015.   PEG radio systems are a flexible radio system made specifically to serve the civil communication needs from a large neighborhood to a county or state and anything in-between.  PEG systems can be used by any user authorized by the license holder,  leading to versatility unmatched when compared to personal radio services such as CB, Amateur Radio or FRS.   Revisit this page from time to time to see updates about the PDX PEG radio network.


*To see how PDX Emergency Communications is using the radio system for Watch groups.

As well as General community emergency preparedness.




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