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Send INFO to Dispatch to be BROADCASTED TO Watch groups and the Community
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  Currently only NORTH PORTLAND neighborhood watch Groups have IMAS Dispatch services available.



  Latest News

PDX Chooses PEG!

The Preparatory Emergency Groups or PEG radio system is the first professional, wide area radio system for the civil community, groups and organizations.

(Please see communications page-Radio systems)

IMAS Alerts ready!

The Incident Management & Alerts System is ready for use by the Portland community!


PDX Priority Alert Message

Neighborhood Dispatch

Messages sent from this form are tagged as high priority and sent to our alerts email account. 

Please type in the necessary information, including your name, (Leave blank for anonymous), email address (for contact) and a message with as much detail as possible. 

Our dispatcher will confirm the information and send out the alert to the appropriate neighborhood if necessary. Otherwise the information will be placed into the Neighborhood Database for future reference. 

>We will reply to your message as quickly as possible.

*All Information if sent out is sent from Dispatch & not you.

As your privacy & Safety is our number ONE Priority 

-You can choose to report from either form.

The bottom form is for more detailed reporting.

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