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PDX Chooses PEG!

The Preparatory Emergency Groups or PEG radio system is the first professional, wide area radio system for the civil community, groups and organizations.

(Please see communications page-Radio systems)

IMAS Alerts ready!

The Incident Management & Alerts System is ready for use by the Portland community!


   Your Donation Goes a long way in making things happen in this city!

We are self supported, everything helps tremendously!

Thank you!!

National Weather Service Alerts:

Community Reporters!



-PDX Emergency Communications has a team of dedicated community Dispatchers that monitor LIVE Police , Medical, Fire calls. As well as a number of city services!


Servicing Clackamas, Multnomah and Clackamas counties.

*Rural areas are monitored as well*



Search&Rescue teams

News Paper/Media reporters

Tow companies

Neighborhood Watch

City services



These are just a few different industries that make up our member base and receive

RealTime alerts/communications from PDX Emm Comm's Dispatch HUB.


Keeping YOU informed while on the go in RealTime!!



We are the only source locally that has LIVE communications abilities with members,

allowing YOU to get to the scene Quickly!


If you are a community Reporter & need a team on your side, we are here for YOU!






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