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PDX Chooses PEG!

The Preparatory Emergency Groups or PEG radio system is the first professional, wide area radio system for the civil community, groups and organizations.

(Please see communications page-Radio systems)

IMAS Alerts ready!

The Incident Management & Alerts System is ready for use by the Portland community!


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National Weather Service Alerts:

ENACT Program

NESST Program



 Enhanced Neighborhood Watch Program for the city of Portland


 Visit Neighborhood Watch Dispatch's community website.




-The idea is to allow all 95 neighborhoods in Portland to be grouped into 'districts'. 10-15 neighborhoods per 'district'.

This is for the purpose of the neighborhoods in the district to be able to communicate together via Two way radio. (many other means of communicating)

As well as have a tight knit community for emergency situations also to alleviate the opportunities for crime to be committed so easily through Neighborhood Watch Dispatch.



-Each District of neighborhoods/individual neighborhoods will also be able to communicate together. The farthest north to the farthest south, east to west. Just by turning the channel on the two way radio. OR selecting different channels on your mobile phone through the ROIP app!!


-What is called TAC repeaters for each District of neighborhoods. Is what allows REAL TIME communications between Watch group Members.



-North Portland Neighborhoods are in ALPHA District.

A total of 6 Districts in Portland for Two way radio communication/organizational purposes. 


Arbor Lodge
Cathedral Park
East Columbia
Hayden Island
Kenton (includes the Kenton Women's Village)
St. Johns
University Park

are in ALPHA District.


-ALPHA District contains a 'TAC Repeater' for Civil communications via Two way radio. 


ALPHA District contains 1 Dispatch channel and 3 TAC channels. 


-Dispatch channel is for general incident dispatching, responder status, and emergency calling.


-TAC channels are for critical communications, on scene or planning before arriving on scene.

  • TAC 1- This channel is dedicated  for sensitive information sharing between Watch group members/Text messaging radio to radio. (Digitally encrypted)
  • TAC 2- This channel is for responders to communicate for purposes of on scene incidents/prior to arriving communications.
  • TAC 3- This channel's protocol is the same as TAC 2. And is used if TAC 2 is being used. Also dedicated for alternate dispatch channel.




PDX Emergency Communications DISTRICT Map 

North Portland- ALPHA District

Northeast Portland- BRAVO District

East Portland- CHARLIE District

Southeast Portland- DELTA District

Southwest Portland- ECHO District

Northwest Portland- FOXTROT District






-The radio system is networked together With Cell phones/tablets/desktop PC's to allow users to operate in communications with users of Two way radios!

What is called 'TalkLink'


TalkLink allows users to monitor. Or talk with the general Safety group Dispatch Channel. 


-All one has to do is get set up with the proper instructions from Dispatch to receive the ability for MASSIVE communications with our Local Community Members!

  • Community Members can Listen to Neighborhood Safety Watch Dispatch Channels using the cell phone/tablet/desktop. 
  • Safety Watch Group Members can Use the cell phone/tablet/desktop to communicate with other members in the Districts on the radio system to users with two way radios!





Radio diagram showing Transmit and Receive. Broadcasting from the 'central' repeaterRadio diagram showing Transmit and Receive. Broadcasting from the 'central' repeater




 Civil Two way radios, for Safety Watch members of PDX Emm Comm.Civil Two way radios, for Safety Watch members of PDX Emm Comm.



Digital Two way radio's certified for use on the civil two way radio system in Portland through PDX Emm CommDigital Two way radio's certified for use on the civil two way radio system in Portland through PDX Emm Comm



-Visit Neighborhood Watch Dispatch

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